Vaccine Certificate Verification Online- Scan QR, Process

Vaccine Certificate Verification: The citizens who possess their vaccination certificate need to observe that they should get them verified. The Government of India has considered the prospect of fake or authentic vaccination certificates. Hence, there is a need for verifying the vaccination certificates to avoid confusion and get better identification of vaccinated residents. Those who are vaccinated and have their certificate must apply for verification online through the COWIN portal. The Government has also launched a sub portal for the same purpose. In order to verify your COVID Vaccination Certificate, check the subsequent article to get all details on Covid Vaccine Certificate Verification.

Vaccine Certificate Verification Online

There are a lot of scams that get are followed in the market pertaining to any social issue outbreak. The Government of India has observed cases where certain citizens have falsified the vaccine certificates. Vaccination is presently the only best measure against the deadly pandemic all over the world. Hence it is crucial for everyone to get vaccinated. To ensure authenticated numbers of vaccination and certificates issued, the authorities have introduced a system of Verification. The citizens can verify their Covid Vaccination Certificates. It is then that they can further use it without any worries because it is entirely. In case the vaccination certificate is not valid, the holders will get to know and they can contact helplines in such circumstances. The certificates can be easily verified through the COWIN portal in an online mode and three will be no necessity to visit a Covid vaccination certificate or any other.

Name of the ProcessVaccine Certificate Verification
Name of the Certificate COWIN Vaccine Certificate
Type of Certificate Vaccination Certificate
MinistryMinistry of Health and Family Welfare
VaccinesCovaxin, Covishield, and Sputnik
Verification ModeOnline
Certificate Verification StatusActive

Importance of a verified Vaccination Certificate

The outbreak of the Corona Virus led to the declaration of a pandemic in 2019. The pandemic was subsequently known as COVID-19. For an entire year, the top medical researchers and doctors around the globe spent their major time finding a cure and preventive vaccine for the pandemic. Soon on 10 January 2022, the first vaccine was curated. Post that vaccination commenced in many countries including India. There were two vaccines initially that were given to the Medical Workers and COVID Fighters, Covaxin and Covishield. Later, when vaccination opened up for the usual citizens, Sputnik was also introduced in India. Now there are many vaccines that are recognised and accepted in India.

The vaccination drive against COVID in India was the largest medical crusade. However, there were a lot of falsification cases that were reported during this. The government covered all the major data but they were unable to identify the forged certificates. Certain unvaccinated residents used either certificates to present in strictly restricted places. Due to this, the control over the pandemic got lenient. Thus, to avoid all such situations, the Government of India aims to handle the pandemic effectively and create a proper channel for the verification of the authenticity of a vaccine certificate. The candidates will have to verify their certificates in order to ensure that they hold valid ones. Additionally, they can contact and resolve issues if there is a negative verification report.

How to verify Covid Vaccine Certificate?

The citizens can verify their certificates online by following the simple steps given below:

Vaccine Certificate Verification Samples
Vaccine Certificate Verification Samples
  1. Open the official portal of COWIN at
  2. Tap on Verify Certificate to reach the verification window at
  3. Click on the option to Scan QR Code.
  4. Allow the device’s camera to scan the QR Code given on the Covid Vaccination Certificate.
  5. Once the QR Code is scanned, the validity and authenticity of the certificate will be verified.
  6. If the verification is successful, the message “Certificate Successfully Verified” will be displayed.
  7. If the certification is unsuccessful because the certificate is not authentic, the message “Certificate Invalid” will appear on the screen.

Details obtained after successful Verification

Once the certificate is verified, there will be a message will be displayed on the screen. If the following details are indicated on the screen, the vaccine certificate can be considered authentic and successfully verified:

  • “Certificate Successfully Verified” message
  • Name of the Citizen whose certificate has been requested for verification
  • Age of the Citizen
  • Gender
  • Certificate ID as issued upon vaccination
  • The beneficiary ID of the citizen who is vaccinated
  • Name of the Vaccine used to vaccinate the candidate
  • Date of Dose or Doses of Covid Vaccine
  • Vaccination Status of the Citizen
  • Location of the Vaccination Center where the Citizen received doses

Important Links and Contacts for COVID Vaccine Certificate Verification

Official Covid Vaccination Download
Official Covid Vaccine Certificate Verification
Verify Vaccine Certificate Demo VideoClick Here
COWIN Child Helpline1098
COWIN Mental Health Helpline08046110007
COWIN Senior Citizen Helpline14567
Bihar News HomepageClick Here
Verifier App Implementation Support[email protected]
[email protected]
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