Toppers Study Habits

Going to appear for board exam, then here are 9 study tips from board exam toppers. Have a look…


Toppers maintain a consistent study routine, dedicating specific hours each day to their studies. This helps them cover the syllabus thoroughly over time.

Effective Time Management

They prioritise tasks, set goals, and manage their time efficiently. This includes allocating time for study, revision, and breaks.

Smart Techniques

Effective study techniques such as summarisation, note-taking, and active learning are key to success. They focus on understanding concepts rather than rote memorisation.

Identify Weak Areas

They identify their weak areas and focus on improving them. Toppers don't shy away from challenging topics.

Regular Revision

Revision is a key habit. Toppers revise what they've learned regularly to reinforce their understanding and retain information.

Solving Papers

Solving previous years' question papers and sample papers helps them understand the exam pattern and gain confidence.

Seeking Clarifications

Toppers don't hesitate to ask questions and seek help when they encounter difficulties. They may consult teachers, peers, or online resources.

Balanced Approach

While studies are a priority, they also engage in extracurricular activities for a balanced lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle

Toppers maintain a balanced lifestyle. They get adequate sleep, eat nutritious meals, and engage in physical activities to stay fit.