On December 22

Ramanujan b'day is observed as National Mathematics Day to honour his amazing achievements and to promote the study of mathematics.

Math Prodigy

Srinivasa Ramanujan, was a brilliant Indian mathematician known for his extraordinary contributions to the field of mathematics.

Self-Taught Genius

He is self-taught and had very little formal training in mathematics. He developed his own theorems and formulas through intuition and innate mathematical talent

Unlocking Talent

His mathematical talent was evident from a young age. He mastered trigonometry and other mathematical topics by the age of 12.


His important contributions to number theory, including the discovery of various mathematical constants, the most notable of which is the "Ramanujan Prime,"

Theta Function

He developed the Ramanujan theta function, which has applications in many fields of mathematics such as number theory, modular forms, and physics.


In 1913, he had a breakthrough when he wrote a letter to the eminent British mathematician G.H. Hardy. Ramanujan's work astounded Hardy, who invited him to Cambridge University.

Prime No.

He made substantial contributions to prime number theory, including the discovery of the Ramanujan prime and Ramanujan's conjecture on prime distribution.

Died at young Age

Unfortunately, His life was cut short by health concerns, and he died at the age of 32 in 1920 but in a short span his contribution is immense.


A "Lost Notebook" containing several unpublished discoveries was discovered after Ramanujan's death. This notebook has given mathematicians new theorems and puzzles to investigate.