EWS Income Limit

Delhi EWS quota threshold limit for admission is raised upto 5 Lakh. HC Directed the order to the state government.

HC Orders

Delhi High Court Orders the Delhi government to increase the income limit of the EWS category from 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh annualy.

All in Vain

Earlier, the Delhi Education directorate has proposed increasing the threshold limit from 1 to 2.25 lakh.

Amends the law

The increase to Rs 5 lakh is considered a temporary adjustment until a comprehensive assessment of prevailing economic conditions is conducted by the government.

HC Orders

This threshold limit is considered for admission under the EWS Category in various schools in the city.

Living Standard

The court said it is needless to observe that the criteria must be scientific and based on actual data.

What's the case?

High Court judgment came when a father secured his son's admission to a reputed school under an EWS quota by forging the documents.


Now, the parents under the EWS Category and within a limit are eligible to get admission in delhi under the EWS quota.

Admission Date

However, the Delhi Nursery Admission for the EWS Category has yet to start, and its details will be released soon once the Govt. amends the laws.