Google Gemini AI

With several notable features, Google has introduced Gemini, its most capable and general AI model yet.

Google Gemini AI

With the helping hand of Gemini AI, Google Bard will become more intuitive and can perform complex tasks off-hand.

Three Models

Gemini 1.0 is optimised in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, each tailored for specific tasks and applications.

Available for

Gemini Pro is now available for Google Bard and Nano for Google Pixel 8 devices, whereas Ultra will be updated to Bard next year.

Language Availability

Initially, this AI model will work only in English worldwide, but Google executives said it will soon be available in all languages.


Gemini Ultra excels in various tasks and benchmarks, outperforming human experts in massive multitask language understanding (MMLU).

Solve Complex Task

Gemini 1.0 was trained to recognise and understand multiple modalities simultaneously, effectively explaining complex subjects like math and physics.

Chat GPT Vs Gemini

Gemini AI's strength lies in its multimodal capabilities and broad applications whereas...

Chat GPT Vs Gemini

ChatGPT specializes in text-based interactions and is widely used for conversational AI and content generation.