How do AI and NPC Redefine GTA 6 Gameplay? What are the latest GTA 6 Leaks? And GTA 6 Launch Date

Grand Theft Auto 6

AI can be used to create more dynamic and intelligent game worlds and non-player characters (NPCs). In games like GTA, AI is used to control the behaviour of NPCs.

Use of AI

Similar to Redemption 2 and Red Dead, it is expected that GTA 6 will feature enhanced NPC (Non-Player Character) and it will engage in actual conversation instead of standing still.

NPC in GTA 6

As per the rumours in GTA 6, we could have two protagonists, one male and one female, named Jason and Lucia but...

Two Protagonist

Rockstar Universe insider source revealed that along with Jason and Lucia, a child character {3rd Character} will impact the game’s plot.

Child Character

As reported, the GTA 6 map will be twice the size of the GTA 5. This could be the biggest map in GTA history.

Biggest Map

A new ‘sound’ and ‘music’ system with original compositions and licensed tracks will enhance the gameplay of GTA.

Music and Sound

It may also feature new ‘weather’ and ‘time of day’ settings, allowing users to experience the game at different times.


White Line

Its trailer is likely to be released in December 2023 to mark the 25th Anniversary of Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 Trailer/Release Date