Trailer Out

Rockstar Games has dropped the much anticipated GTA 6 Trailer 1 Today. You can watch the trailer online on their YouTube Channel.

Trailer Date Out

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary, Rockstar Games, on December 1st, has confirmed the Trailer 1 Announcement of its much-awaited GTA 6.

GTA 6 Trailer Date

On Friday, Rockstar Games took to ‘X’ to announce that GTA 6 Trailer 1 will be released on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

It’s a decade's wait.

Grand Theft Auto Fandom can assume that they have been waiting for the next part of this series for 10 years.


The curiosity about GTA 6 increases among the games when a user breaches the Rockstar portal and releases some exclusive details of GTA 6 and its development.

GTA 6 Leaks

A few months ago, various leaks of GTA 6 surfaced on the internet, which took the game to the next level.


GTA 5 was launched by the Rockstar Game in 2013, which is quite popular among gamers, and now they are excited about the GTA 6, but…

Game Launch Date

The Rockstar Games has announced the Trailer date only, whereas its availability is still vague, but we could expect details on the trailer date.

How to watch trailer?

You can watch the trailer online from their Social media platform, websites, or YouTube channel.