GTA on Netflix

Now, Netflix subscribers who are fans of Grand Theft Auto can play the famous trilogy of Rockstar Games on Netflix.

Good News

As the GTA 6 announcement is on the corner, the Rockstar games have shared good news for GTA fans.


On November 29th, the Netflix entertainment staff shared a notice that GTA Trilogy is coming on Netflix Games from December 14, 2023.

GTA Trilogy

In this trilogy, you can play GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, which have been updated for mobile.

iOS and Android

It will be accessible for both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices for free, so you need not worry about it.


But to acces the same, fans need to pre-register for it from 30th November from their respective devices.


But we must check whether it's device-specific or accessible across all devices because...

Device Specific

Upon testing, it was found accessible for Samsung S23 ultra but not for Infinix GT 10 Pro.

Device Specs.

Per the specification, IOS devices should be run on A12 or more, but their are no specific details for android users.