Embark on a journey where retro charm converges with commanding boldness. Meticulously designed, the CB350 is a fusion of artistic finesse and unbridled strength.

The CB350 boasts dual-channel ABS, featuring a large 310mm front disc brake and a 240mm rear disc brake to maintain control even in emergency braking situations.

Honda’s emergency stop signal not only keeps you safe but extends its protection to fellow riders on the road.

Elevating its strong and massive stance, the front suspension proudly wears metallic covers on its upper part. The long chrome muffler serves as the authentic soul of the CB350’s retro design.

Illuminate your journey with these circular full LED headlamps and fire ring-type LED winkers, adding a touch of class to your ride.

POWERING YOUR RIDE WITH ENHANCED SECURITY The HSTC system maintains tire-to-surface traction, preventing slips and enhancing control.

No looking down to check your side stand, a glance on your meter is enough. Additionally, the inhibitor function restricts the engine from starting if the side stand is down.

The thunderous power, the fearless stance, the exhilarating rush of the open roads - a legend rises, CB350, where tech-meets-bold riding, style and presence.

Honda CB 350 will compete with, RE Classic who doesn't need any recognition and Jawa Classic who is known for its road presence.