NEP 2020

The GOI introduced the 21st Century National Education Policy to transform India's education sector.

Key Takeaways

Various changes have been made under this New Education Policy, which may play a pivotal role in education. The key takeaways of NEP 2020 are…

The current 10+2 framework in school education will be modified with a new pedagogical and curricular restructuring of 5+3+3+4 covering ages 3-18.

...which has been divided into four stages of learning:- Foundational, Preparatory, Middle, and Secondary.

Children learn and comprehend nontrivial topics more quickly in their native language. That is why, until the fifth grade, the mother tongue remains the medium of instruction.

This policy focused on the holistic development of students’ minds, acknowledging their interests and motivation

Now, you can design your own path of study and life plans through flexibility in course choices, particularly in secondary school.

This policy aims to take a comprehensive approach to education, focusing not just on academics but also on total development.

It also emphasises vocational education, which means that in addition to academic courses, students may be able to choose from various vocational courses.