Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents in English

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents in English: A wedding anniversary is described as a happy event when a married couple completes their one-year journey. An anniversary is just an event that occurs every year. Couples happily married generally celebrate their 10 years of their wedding, 25 years of wedding anniversary is also celebrated by the name of silver jubilee and so on.

For parents, it is one of the most memorable moments and the same goes for their children. For many children, it becomes difficult to showcase their love in form of words so they just spend huge amounts of money to present expensive gifts to their parents. But I believe that words can make long-lasting happy memories for the parents and additionally they can be one of the most precious gifts a child can give to their parents. Therefore, this article will totally deal with wedding anniversary speeches that youngsters can give to their parents.

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents in English

Hello Everyone,

As you all know that I do not have any kind of experience in public speaking. Therefore I request you all to forgive me in case of any errors that happen in the heat of the moment. Yes, I am nervous in front of this massive gathering.

So today we all are here to celebrate the 10th marriage anniversary of my mother and father. I welcome you all to this beautiful event. I am grateful and thankful to all my family members for attending this occasion and especially to my parents. And yes not to forget my grandfather and grandmother who have always been the guiding light in our highs and lows. I beg my grandparents to deliver your blessings to the married couple as it is of utmost importance in this situation.

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents – Main Body

To begin with, I would say that it has been 25 years and I can not believe that my parents have passed these years peacefully, especially by watching the present situation between my parents. Jokes apart, I believe that life after marriage is totally different. In addition to this, if a wedding is an arranged one. Yes, my parents had an arranged marriage 25 years ago.

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After the wedding every individual’s life changes, yes I have heard that and I am sure that all the people present here have experienced and heard that also. I have seen my parents making adjustments and also many compromises so that both of them are comfortable. I have seen you quarrelling and then accepting your mistakes. Although, you both had different tastes and choices but you made a mutual understanding for that also so that your married life goes on smoothly.

Recently, I saw your wedding pictures. I saw faith and happiness in both of your faces. And today also, I feel astonished to see the same enthusiasm on your faces. Yes, that is a big deal for me considering the scenarios of present-era weddings.

Your loyalty to each other has always been a fascinating quality that I and many of our relatives have admired. This is one of the qualities that I appreciate the most. Today’s married life falls apart due to this factor also. My parents had taught me that the basis of any relationship is loyalty and trust towards each other.

In these 25 years, you have done everything that is possible for me. Whenever I failed in my life both of you held my hand and told me that everything will be ok in the future. I remember many such incidents. I would like to share one of them in front of you all.

The incident happened when I was in my first year of college. I remember I had taken admission in a reputed college in India to Studying Engineering and my stream of engineering was mechanical. I was very much excited to study mechanical engineering and was happy about my success in recent years. My first semester started and I started studying. Then the semester ended and I gave my best.

However, after some time my result was declared and I scored less than 55% marks. It was shocking for me. I was very much demotivated. My parents noticed this and they decided to intervene. I vividly remember that my mother and father told me to not worry about this. They motivated me and told me that failures are part of success only and also the best teacher. After that, I felt comfortable and kept the words of my parent in my mind always. Afterward, I cleared my B. Tech with flying colors and I feel that the credit goes to none other than my parents.


My parents have always been my pillar of strength in my tough times. As I see my parents as a happy couple, my belief in the institution of marriage gets strengthened with the passing years. I feel that the speech has been too long. I again wish them a happy and prosperous 25th wedding anniversary.

Thank you

50th Wedding Anniversary

On the occasion of the wedding anniversary of my father and mother, a warm welcome to all the guests present here.

To initiate with, thanks to everyone who has joined this prestigious moment and the ones who are about to join this beautiful Eve. This beautiful journey started 50 years ago. It has been a long journey full of beautiful and cherishing moments that as a child I have noticed and as a couple, they have gone through.

We all can see that as a couple they have made a long journey of 50 years. Additionally, they are quite blessed for their continuous relationships and friendships. As a couple and also a human being I can notice that they have been tremendously loved as well as blessed.

I would like to thank all the people who have showered love as well as care for my mother. Mother, I am sure that father would have not faced any difficulty to fall in love with you because of the beauty and the kindness you possessed for all the living creatures on earth. You have struggled each and every day for us whether it would be the case of our studies or our food. You have taken care of all of those things. Now you are one of my friends with whom I can share some beautiful things.

Father, your love, respect, and care for my mother keep me always motivated. I believe that you are the best husband in this world. You were always with my mother in highs and lows. You will always be my ideal in a relationship.

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents-Culmination

I feel that you both have given us crucial lessons about a happy married life. You taught us that in married life, the couple is not always a cakewalk and is also full of sacrifices and adjustments. In my growing years, I was a stern non-believer in the institution of marriage but then you both showed me what is love and I gradually started believing in marriage.

In the end, I would like to congratulate my parents on achieving this milestone. I will be also grateful to you for motivating me in my highs and lows.

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents-Tips

  1. The focus of the speech should always be the parents. It should not go out of context.

2. If possible short anecdotes should be added to the speech. It keeps the momentum of the speech.

3. Welcome speech should be full of humor so that the listeners get enthralled initially.

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