Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet in English for Students and Children

Alumni is the term used for a passed out or ex-student of a school/college/university. When the ex-students of an institute are called for a meet event, then it is called the alumni meet. Alumni meet is a fun and memorable event for every passed-out student. They get a chance to meet their classmates, friends, and teachers and relive the heartfelt moments of their life. In the alumni meet, people also get a chance to share their stories, struggles, and success tips. This article contains the short, medium, and long Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet in English for students and children.

Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet in English

Long Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet

Good Morning to the respected teachers, alumni, dear friends, and fellow students!

Today is a special day as we are celebrating the 15th alumni meet of the school. I feel proud and immensely thankful to be able to carry this traditional ritual of our school ahead. First of all, I want to welcome the alumni of this school who took time out of their busy schedules to be with us here today and who have excelled in the respective fields of their careers. I am sure that each one of us will surely learn a lot from you all and I hope that this meet brings you back a lot of heartfelt and wonderful moments of your life.

School plays a crucial role in any person’s life. It provides us not only the knowledge of required subjects but also the basic learnings and values of life. It prepares us to face the challenges of life and helps in building the basic character of a person. A student is like a raw seed who is nurtured and watered by the teachers in the hope that one day this seed will bloom into a beautiful tree. They also teach us that the bigger a tree grows the deeper the roots belong. And I am fortunate enough to say that our roots belong here.

The relationship between a teacher and student is like clay and potter. Potter may be hard on clay from the outside but on the other hand, he provides it support and moulds it into beautiful artwork. The perfect examples of it are our alumni present over here who are doing great in their lives and thus making our school and teachers prouder.

Today, welcoming our alumni here is bringing a sea of emotions here. I am sure you are already feeling the nostalgia. Everyone remembers his first and last day of school and I am sure most of us cry on both days. We leave the school but the school never goes out of us. It is so hard to say goodbye to the most beautiful part of your life. That’s why we organize this alumni meet annually so our ex-students can relive a part of their childhood.

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Our school is also progressing day by day. Now students have many more opportunities to explore their ways and learnings. Our fellow students have prepared some programs for you. I hope you enjoy all the programs and the arrangements made by the school.

At last, I hope that this meeting brings you joy and reminisces about all your golden memories. We all are eager to hear your stories and experiences of life and I am sure that at the end of this day we are going to learn a lot from you all.

Thank you and enjoy your day everyone

Medium Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet

Respected Principal Sir, teachers, alumni and my dear friends, A very good morning to all of you!

Today on this auspicious occasion of celebrating the 20th alumni meet of our school, I am feeling immensely grateful for being presented with the opportunity to welcome our alumni. First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and coming here. I would like to take the opportunity to say that you all inspire us and it’s a privilege and honour to have you here.

School days are the most memorable times of one’s life. The place where we enter while crying and we leave while crying. This place not only teaches us but also gives us lifetime relationships with friends and teachers. We learn fundamental values and character building. So this place is more than just a school. This teaches you how to fly in the skies and also to always be grounded.

Dear alumni, it gives me pleasure to inform you that our institute is also progressing exponentially. We got so many students clearing the national and international levels of institutes. Students are getting many golden opportunities to explore their career goals and many extracurricular activities are conducted so that the growth of a student becomes four facets. You all have excelled in your respective jobs and thus bring glory to our institution. I am sure we will learn many things from you all today.

With the presence of our alumni here I can feel a sense of emotions in the air. I hope we become successful in opening a happy door for you all today by bringing you all your wonderful memories. We cannot wait to hear your inspiring stories and your school stories.

Thank You

A Short Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet

Very good morning to the respected teachers, alumni, dear friends, and fellow students!

Hope you are doing good.

First of all, I want to welcome and thank all the alumni for taking the time to come here. On the 18th alumni meet of our institute, I feel overwhelmed to be presented with the opportunity to carry this “meet” tradition ahead.

You all are making our institute proud by doing such great work in your professional lives. We as a student feel motivated and inspired by you all and proud that our belongings are the same. I want to congratulate you all on your successful career and I hope you all have a lot of advice to give us. We as fellow students always look up to you and your success stories.

It is always hard to say goodbye to your friends and teachers with whom you spend a lot of your memorable time. So we organise an Alumni Meet every year so that the ex-students like you could refresh your best memories and share your experiences. I know a lot of you must have started to feel the nostalgia already.

At last, I hope you enjoy this day as a happy and emotional roller coaster ride and relive the best of your memories.

Thank You and have a great day.

Tips on Delivering Welcome Speech

  • Be clear about what you want to speak in terms of thoughts and write down the key points.
  • Be confident and take pauses in between the lines.
  • Practice before the final performance.
  • Use correct grammar and be correct about pronunciation.
  • Do not mug up the speech. Instead, understand each word and line before speaking.
  • Do not hurry. Take your time and speak accordingly.
  • Make sure not to make a wrong statement about anyone.
  • Always make eye contact with the audience.
  • Use greeting words like ‘good morning’ before starting the speech.
  • Always end on a thank you note.
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