Welcome Speech In English: Guest Introduction, How to Welcome Chief Guest

Welcome Speech: In a dilemma on how to deliver a welcome speech? Chill out we have you sorted. Welcome speeches can be complex and tiring. But they don’t have to. Introduction speeches can be the toughest because they open the formal or even the informal event. Such speeches set the mood of the occasion and thus, the speaker must address the audience in a welcoming and heartwarming spirit. The key is to keep a smile on the face and be full of words that reflect respect and greetings. Salutations must be expressed in the beginning with a tone of gratefulness. Welcome speeches are always an important part of the curriculum involving the address of chief guests and the audience. The orator needs to be engaging and the words should be attractive. The aim should be that the listeners hear with all ears from the very beginning.

Seems like a tough task? Well, it isn’t. We have listed some of the best welcome speeches in English for you. Head to the section given below. Check the templates as well as samples for welcome speeches on different types of occasions and events. Choose your template as suited to your purpose and further use it to shine when delivering the welcome speech to your audience.

Welcome Speech In English
Welcome Speech In English

Best Welcome Speech Samples and Templates

A welcome speech needs to be short and crisp. However, it should be attractive and engaging. Mostly, all events commence with a Welcome Speech. Hence, it is crucial for the host to ensure that the speech does not impose a negative impression. The welcome speech needs to be positive. It has to impress the listeners and also information to them regarding the purpose of the event. The speech should be good to hear, understandable and suit the rationale. One main point that the speakers must note is that Welcome Speech should not belong. It has to last 2 minutes at max. Although there can be long speeches as well they will only disinterest the audience. If you lose the interest of the people in the very beginning, it will be quite difficult to bind them any further. Hence, do focus on being straightforward and direct.

In the case of informal events, the welcome speeches can be entertaining and joking. They surely can be a bit in a layman’s language and certainly include lingos. However, in the case of formal events, one should avoid this huge mistake. The choice of words in both cases must be meticulous and intricate. There should not be a scope for misinterpretation. This might lead to an unwanted response from the audience. Therefore, one must understand the tone of the occasion and then select their speech for the day.

Templates for Formal Events

As we list a few formal introduction speeches, you also need to understand the format. The one main thing to observe is the kind of event we talking about and its level. A school event is also formal. An NGO event would also be considered formal. Necessary, professional events are also formal. Any event can be formal considering the reason for the gathering. Hence, it is suggested to choose the templates according. Down below are listed a few options which you can choose from in order to deliver a nice welcome speech at an event. While choosing the template, understand the temperament of the event. Follow the directions and end personalize the speech.

Welcome Speech for School/ College Annual Function

As a host, if you are a Student or a Teacher who has been asked to deliver a Welcome Speech in school/college for an event, just refer to the template given below. The speech is particularly for the Annual Function ion the school. However, by making little changes, it can also apply to general events.

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (choose the time at which the event is being hosted) to all the Parents/ Teachers/ Students (select the audience present for the event) and the respected Principal. I greet you all to the ________st/nd/rd/th (number of years for which the event is being held) ______________ (name of the Event). It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to our school. ___________ (name of the School) is an acknowledged institution in the city and we all are gathered here to celebrate that. Our school teaches discipline, and diligence, and aims to contribute to the betterment of society each day. Today, you all shall witness the best of our students. This day has always been special to the students of this school for it gives them an opportunity to express themselves.

Growth and humanity are the two pillars of the school. We hope to respect the ideology of the school in everything we do. There are a series of events that you shall enjoy today. Our efforts will be to present every act with sheer honesty and respect. But, before we begin, I would like to welcome our respected Cheif Guest on behalf of the entire ___________ (name of the school). Sir/Ma’am, you are cordially greeted by our school. You are highly motivated and inspiring and I am very sure that you will enlighten the young pillars of our society to become just like you.

Our Cheif Guest, Mr/ Ms/ Mrs/ Dr __________________ (name of the guest) is one of the most esteemed personalities. He/She has achieved major awards and an appreciation token is His/Her field of work. To talk about him/her would probably consume a lot of time because the achievements are endless. Your efforts in ___________________________ (mention one achievement of the chief guest) not only benefitted the entire humankind but also will promulgate the upcoming generations to strive for a better future. You have always raised the benchmarks for hard work and dedication in society. Your works ensure that the society should believe in Robert Baden-Powell’s words, “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it”.

Without further ado, let us begin with the functionalities for today. the event will start with __________________ (the first step of the event such as lighting the lamp by the chief guest). Kindly welcome ______________ (name of the participants) for the proceeding with a huge round of applause.

Welcome Speech for Freshers

There is a welcome note that the host needs to address to the Freshers in Colleges/ Universities. If you are the host and you have to do the same, refer to the given templates and extract ideas.

Hello everyone. This is _____________________ (your name), __________ (designation in the college/university). Today is an auspicious day as from today, you are officially a part of the ______________ (name of the institution). Freshers mark the welcome of the new batch. Every year, we are more than just glad to greet such young minds in the College/ University. We look forward to an amazing time with you all ahead. We are very sure that you all will always rise and shine and bring appreciation to the institution. But as I welcome you, I would like to talk to you about life in this beautiful place and acknowledge you for the experience that will come across you.

Life here is simple but exciting. For me, this place is my second home and I am sure, that it will be for you too. There is a lot to learn here. Yes, you read all the facilities and courses offered in the prospectus but today I will tell you about things that are not written there. Apart from the academics and extracurricular activities, you shall be receiving the genuine values that every human must imbibe in order to grow in life.

Here you are will learn to become professionals who are equipped with values like patience, punctuality, soft skills, excellent communication, multi-tasking, and whatnot. Graduation? Postgraduation is a very important step in one’s life. You all will be pursuing something or the other passing out from here. Some of you will drop out, some will study further, some will realise their actual passions, but some will hunt for jobs or get placed. Those who will enter the premises of workspaces after College will be fully ready to pursue their endeavours. Not just academic proficiency but dealing with the world is also something you will acknowledge here.

Apart from the learnings, you shall also build a ton of memories here. Additionally, you will have friendships fr life to whom you can always turn. Your seniors will be your mentors forever. Moreover, the teachers here will surely drive you to your goal. The authorities will comfort you in ways that you never feel deserted or isolated. I wish you a golden time ahead. I hope that you are all very positively looking forward to your respective journeys ahead here. All the very best. You all have us and we have your back! Rock your time here.

Speech to welcome the participants at a Seminar

If you are hosting a seminar that is related to any informative topic or an educative one, the subsequent template will be the most helpful to you. Kindly refer to the speech given below. Either fill the blanks using the directions or simply extract appropriate ideas on what kind of seminar welcome speech you shall deliver on the day of the event.

Very warm greetings to all the participants and the audience here for this seminar. Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (choose the time of the event). I am more than grateful to stand here and welcome you all to this ___________ (name of the seminar). Today I, ___________________ (your name) shall be walking you through the seminar. Before I invite the orators, I would like to introduce you to the proceeding of the event.

Firstly, I would like to thank the _________ (name of the hosting committee/ institute/ organisation) for organising the ____________ (name of the seminar) for the benefit of the ___________ (term for the target audience such as students, women, professionals). With your continuous efforts and will to do something for society and move up towards a successful and fulfilling world, we all had the opportunity to be present here, together. This informative seminar will not only guide us all but also educate us regarding a variety of this pertaining to ______________ (purpose of the main topic of discussion in the seminar). We all are surely grateful for this prospect.

On behalf of the Organisation, I would like to welcome you all and inform you that the seminar will completely enlighten you pertaining to the _________ (the topic of the seminar). All the vital aspects regarding the topic will be conveyed to you all. You shall exit this auditorium/ seminar hall/ space with zero doubts as our educators will ensure that they answer all your queries. Kindly welcome the ______________ (the speaker for the seminar), an incredible human being and a ___________ (designation of the speaker). You shall receive thoughts upon the __________ (topic of the seminar).

Welcome Speech for Office Events

if you are a fellow employee or a boss hosting an annual event at the office, the following speech template will help you deliver your speech proficiently. Check the speech given below to obtain ideas on important points and the kind of words you should incorporate in your speech while addressing the office staff and the chief guest present for the occasion. You can also use the template directly by personalising it by following the directions.

A very Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening (choose the time of the event) to the CEO, Mr/ Ms/ Mrs/ Dr ___________ (name of the CEO of the firm), ______________ (also name a few prominent designations from the hierarchy at the office), all the Office staff members, their loved ones., and most importantly, our Cheif Guest(s) ___________, ________________________, and _________ for the day. I, _____________ (your name), the ___________ (your designation) am glad to be hosting the event for you all today. I welcome you all today to the celebration of the professionalism that sustains in our workspace. This day is highly auspicious as we all have gathered here to honour the dedication and diligence of the employees.

Before we begin and start with the proceeding, I would like to offer positive salutations to ___________ (name of the chief guests). Your presence here at this event will not only inspire us all to be highly motivated but also urge us all to do better in life for humankind, just as you did. Your achievements in your fields are not unknown. Each person in the room is well aware of the hard work you have put up to reach where you presently stand. thank you for being such an encouraging figure. Additional gratitude to you for agreeing to be a part of our important day. We look forward to learning from you as well as having a time of life. You radiate unmatchable energy and I hope we all can do equally great and make this day memorable for you.

To all the employees present here, this day we shall not only value our professional crests but also each other. A team can do anything that is impossible if does it in unity. It is sure that you all share a camaraderie but it is equally worth acknowledging that you all represent the _____________ (name of the company) in the best ways possible. You all, collectively, are the reason for the growth of the firm and with your dedication and hard work, we shall keep achieving more and more. It is through the dedication and persistence of each one of you that we keep moving upwards and upwards and achieve greater heights.

Starting with the very first proceeding for the day, I would like to call up ____________ (participants for the first part of the event) for/to ______________ (name of the event).

Informal Welcome Speeches

An informal Welcome Speech allows the speaker to share personal events. However, this liberty is not available for formal ones. The words can be very simple and straightforward and it really depends upon the kind of audience. The relationship that the speaker shares with the person or the audience whom he/she is addressing also plays an important role. The welcome speech in this case can be funny, full of adorable words, or can be very emotional words. However, it is suggested that the speaker must not refer to very personal moments while delivering the speech. Informal speeches can incorporate lingos, abbreviations, layman language, multiple languages, and much more. They can be more of the freestyle. This is one major difference between formal and informal speeches.

Although, for some people, the job can be tough. For the simple reason, informal addresses require you to connect to the audience emotionally. This can be challenging. If you choose to connect through the expressions, your job gets easier. But, in the case of words, we can help you simplify your job. Refer to the following speech template and fill in your details accordingly. You can use the exact same sample pr twist it as per your choice. Ideas can also be derived from the subsequent template. Informal occasions include family functions, friend gatherings, festive parties, and much more.

Speech to greet the audience at an Informal Event

Hi everyone. Greeting to you all. I hope you all are comfortable and enjoying yourselves. Firstly, I am just so grateful and extremely overwhelmed that all of us are here together under the same roof. It is not every day that we all are able to gather with our loved ones. I feel just quite ecstatic about this and the presence of all of you has made this day even more extraordinary. But exactly why are we here? Well ___________________ (describe the event). Doesn’t it feel great to be seeing each other for this special occasion?

Special salutation to the man/ woman/ couple/ special guest of the hour. Dearest ______________ (name of the special guest of the day), we are proud _______________________ (name the achievement of the guest or in case there is no special reason, write: to have you here). It takes me immense pleasure to say that you (both/ all) have always given us a reason to keep adoring you. I feel so lucky that I know you. Thank you for being you. You bind us together and ensure that everyone smiles. Thank you for that!

This morning/ This Afternoon/ Tonight, we all shall celebrate togetherness, unity, adoration, relationships, family/ friendship/ camaraderie, harmony, and above all, love. We will commemorate each other and create a ton of memories to reminisce about when we are old. Success is an important part of life and we all run for it in our daily lives. There are a lot of things to value and sometimes we forget that. We focus on the materialistic things in life and celebrate that. But, real happiness lies in our dearest people. Just a moment with people you love fixes everything. Undoubtedly, we shall bind and grow more as a clan. I have missed seeing you all and am very sure that you all would have missed me as well.

I know this is getting too emotional and none of you expected this, but it’s just how I am, full of surprises. Anyways, moving on to the events of the day, there is a lot planned. Let’s just not delay anymore and start rocking. Yay!

Some Important Points

While speaking, observe that your speech embodies the following important things. This will only make your speech better and more interesting:

  • Start with a smile, very important!
  • Stay positive and confident in order to look stress-free.
  • Relax when you are delivering the speech. If you will get hyper and tensed, you will automatically end up fumbling.
  • Practise in front of the mirror before speaking up on the stage.
  • Make sure that your speech reaches out to the audience. Do not choose anything that will be inappropriate for the audience.
  • Observe your position, designation and relationship with the audience and use words that will be accordingly suitable.
  • If you are directly reading the speech, ensure that you always read prior to the words you are speaking. This gives you time to understand the flow of your speech and process difficult sentences or phrases or words.
  • Always make sure that you are never too fast or slow. You might not want to be misinterpreted or bore the audience.
  • Avoid fancy accents that might be very tough for the audience to perceive.
  • Stay natural, that is the best way!
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