What is Bard? How is it different from ChatGPT?

What is Bard: It looks like Google finally has the definitive answer to Microsoft’s ChatGPT. With the flourishment of ChatGPT as an AI that answers all the users’ queries in the most eloquent manner possible, many were speculating that it will likely completely substitute google. However, it turns out Google had other plans. On 7 February Google made an announcement for the launch of its very own chatbot Bard which raised the curiosity of everyone. So, if you also want to know What is Bard? and more importantly, how is it any different than ChatGPT, then do check out this article from start to finish.

What is Bard

What is Bard?

While launching Bard, the first thing that Google said is it is powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). For those who do not know, LaMDA was an AI Chatbot that Google launched two years back. However, LaMDA was not accessible to the general public and was limited to a few demos. In a recent blog, while announcing Bard, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said that this model of Bard will be a lightweight version of LaMDA. This means that it will require much less computing power and more people will be able to access it.

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Google’s Conversational AI Chatbot 

While launching Bard, Sundar also assured the responses from this AI Chatbot will be of high quality and more importantly fresh. The bot will extract all of the information from the web and provide you with the correct answer to all of your queries. Now, one question that will naturally arise in your mind will be When can we access this AI Service? Currently, Google has not announced when Bard will be accessible to users. It is only accessed by trusted testers of Google who will make sure that users do not have any complaints about the AI Service once it is available to them.

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How is Bard different from ChatGPT?

With the timing of the launch of this AI Service, one cannot help but think, that the launch of this AI service is somehow connected with the growing popularity of ChatGPT among people. So, how is Bard different from ChatGPT? What features will it provide to the users so that they will prefer it over ChatGPT? It is too early to have a definitive answer to these queries. However, we do know that ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited only till the events of 2021. Therefore, it is very likely that Bard will provide the users with more fresh and relevant information.

In addition to this, the computing power of Bard is also much lesser than ChatGPT according to the early reports. So fewer users will face server errors while using it. Google has also claimed that the results that Bard will draw from the Web will be completely immaculate and helpful. Whereas, a lot of loopholes are already being registered by users of ChatGPT while accessing it. Despite all of this, it will be hard to tell whether Bard is better than ChatGPT or not before it is accessible to a larger audience.

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When can I access the lightweight version of LaMDA?

Bard is only available to the trusted testers of Google, so far. Google has not announced a date for its availability among a wide number of people.

Is Bard better than ChatGPT?

It is too early to tell whether the AI Service is better than ChatGPT or not. However, the early reports suggest that Bard might turn out to be better in terms of searching ability than ChatGPT.

Where do I have to sign up to use Bard?

Google has not revealed any details regarding how you can use this AI service yet. The AI Service is just available to trusted testers of Google for now.

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