Which Stream to Choose After 10th – Complete Guidance

Stream to Choose After 10th: Choosing a stream after 10th to pursue your career is arguably one of the most daunting tasks ever for a student. A multitude of thoughts surrounds the students as whatever decision regarding the stream they take at this time can make or break their careers. So, how will you know Which Stream to Choose After 10th? and more importantly what options are provided to the students after they have completed the 10th Standard. To provide you with insights into these queries, we are presenting this article today.

Here, we will discuss different aspects that you must consider while choosing a stream after passing the 10th class. Furthermore, we will also talk about different options that you will get to choose from in terms of the stream after completing High School. So, if you are also confused about Which Stream to Choose After 10th then kindly go through the entire article.

Which Stream to Choose After 10th?

Before you pick a stream after 10th, you must consider all the possibilities of making different careers through it. Moreover, you must also prioritise the fact that the stream you are picking aligns with your interests. All in all, it is necessary for you to have complete knowledge of everything that is associated with the stream you are choosing. For more guidance about Which Stream to Choose After 10th? and all the career opportunities those streams provide, check out the rest of the article.

Which Stream to Choose After 10th

Available Streams/Subjects after 10th

Prior to discussing different streams and subjects that the students can opt for after the 10th in detail, let us take an overview of them. In the following table, we have discussed the major subjects that are related to the streams available to the students to choose from after the 10th Standard.

Name of the StreamMajor Subjects Related to the Stream
Science Stream (Medical)Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and one elective subject
Science Stream (Engineering)Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and one elective subject
Science Stream (General)Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English and one elective subject
Commerce StreamAccounts, Economics, Business Studies, English and one elective subject
Arts/ Humanities StreamPolitical Science, History, Economics, English and one elective subject

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Career Opportunities in Different Streams after X

While choosing a stream after 10th, the first and foremost thing that comes to the mind of the students is what career they can pursue with that stream. Therefore, below we will discuss various career opportunities that are persuasible with different streams that are offered to the students after completing high school.

Science Stream

When it comes to the question of Which Stream to Choose After 10th, Science Stream is usually the most common answer. This stream provides the students with several career opportunities to pick from depending on the subjects. You can choose General Science with CS and pursue a career in the field of Data Analysis, Cyber Security, Animation, Graphic Designing, etc. You can also choose a career in the field of Engineering, Robotics, Architecture, etc with General Science (PCM). If you opt for Biology with PCM then it also opens the doors for various career options in the medical field for you.

Commerce Stream

For students with an inclination towards Business and Finance Studies, the Commerce Stream is the ideal option. You can pursue a career in the field of Chartered Accountancy, Financial Consulting, Insurance, etc. Furthermore, students who have a knack for Entrepreneurship, Stockbroking and other related fields can also opt for this stream for a good career.

Arts/ Humanities Stream

There are a significant number of career options available in the Arts/ Humanities Stream as well. The students who want to prepare for the exam of Civil Services will benefit from the subjects they will study in the arts stream. In addition to this, there are career options for students in Law, Psychology, Journalism, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, etc. So, if you are interested in making a career in any of the aforementioned fields, then you can opt for Arts/ Humanities Stream after passing the 10th Standard.

Short-term Courses After 10th

If you wish to pursue a skill-related course after the 10th instead of opting for a stream, then the following are the courses you can choose from. The duration of these courses varies as per their nature.

  • Typewriting and Stenography
  • Interior Designing
  • Polytechnic and Diploma Courses in various subjects
  • ITI Courses
  • Nursing Course
  • Fashion/ Jewelry Designing Course
  • Library Assistant
  • Beautician Course

Things to Consider While Choosing a Stream After 10th

Before you finally choose a stream after completing the 10th Standard, there are some things that you must consider. Below we are providing a list of these things. Do go through this list if you are still conflicted about Which Stream to Choose After 10th.

  • It is necessary for you to give your personal interests the topmost priority. If you opt for the stream that interests you the most and later on pursue a career in it, then you will always have a sense of self-satisfaction in your profession. Moreover, there will be more chances for you to grow in your career.
  • You can also choose the stream that has subjects in which you score good marks. Because of this, your performance in your course will be consistently good and you will be able to get good opportunities through that course.
  • You must make sure that your choice for a stream after 10th is not impacted in the least bit by the pressure of your friends or parents. If you end up choosing a stream by succumbing to that pressure, then it will have a negative impact on your studies as well as the career you choose.
  • Do not make a decision about choosing a stream in haste. Inquire about the stream you want to opt for thoroughly and then decide whether it is suitable for you or not.
  • If you are constantly unsure about Which Stream to Choose After 10th then you can also take guidance from a consultant.


Which is the best Stream to choose after 10th?

It completely depends upon where your interests lie. As per your interests, you can choose from the streams of Science, Commerce and Arts/ Humanity.

What optional subjects I can choose with the given stream?

The optional subjects are different for different streams. For science students, the option subjects are usually Computer Science, Hindi, etc. Whereas, for Commerce Subjects, the option subjects are Banking, Insurance, etc. For Arts Stream, the students can choose from subjects like Geography, Sociology, etc.

Can I also pursue a career in the field of Engineering if I choose PCM with Biology after 10th?

Yes, you can pursue a career in the field of engineering with PCMB as your major subject after 10th.

What diploma course can I pursue after passing the 10th Standard?

After completing the 10th Standard you can pursue diploma courses in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics, etc.

Final Words

We hope our article regarding Which Stream to Choose After 10th was a worthwhile read for you. To get more such content like this, you can stay connected to us regularly through Bihar NEWS Homepage. Also, if you have queries regarding this article and the topics discussed in it, then you can also let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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