Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto; Bio, Family, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

Real Chandan Mahto: A web series called Khakee: The Bihar Chapter has been grabbing people’s attention since its release on 25 November 2022. The series depicts events when Chandan Mahto’s (one of the series’ antagonists) terror was at its peak in the early 2000s. Apparently, this series is based on the book “Bihar Diaries: The True Story of How Bihar’s Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught“. This book is written by Amit Lodha and is based on his personal experience of catching deadly criminals in Bihar during that time. So, the questions must be coming to people’s minds regarding the real identity of Chandan aka Pintu Mahto. Our article is here to provide them with the answers. Here we will discuss all the details of the Real Chandan Mahto. So if you want to know about The Dreaded Gangster Of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter? go through this whole article.

Real Chandan Mahto

Chandan Mahto is a character based on Pintu Mahto who was a sharpshooter in the Ahosk Mahto gang in the early 2000s. The Ashok Mahto gang was very active in Bihar in the early 2000s. The Gang committed many heinous acts such as murders, abductions, and robberies. Pintu Mahto was one of the key members of this gang and committed many gruesome crimes. As per reports Pintu Mahto is involved in a total of 30 cases of murders and abductions. Before being arrested by Amit Lodha in 2006, Pintu was truly one of the most dreaded gangsters in Bihar.

Real Chandan Mahto
Real Chandan Mahto

Pintu Mahto’s Nawada Jailbreak

Out of the 30 crimes Pintu Mahto has been a part of, the Nawada Jailbreak is the most infamous one. On 23 December 2001, Pintu and his two accomplices were successful in escaping the Nawada Prison. During the Jail breakout, Pintu Mahto murdered three police officers. This jailbreak caused extreme chaos in Biha back then.

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Real Life Chandan Mahto’s 2006 Manipur Massacre

Another dark chapter in the crime history of real-life Chandan Mahto Aka Pintu Mahto is the 2006 Manipur Massacre. When Bihar Supercop Amit Lodha’s police career was flourishing, the Ashok Mahto Gang and Akhilesh Singh were involved in a serious gang war. During this time in 2006, there were many attacks and counter-attacks by both gangs. These attacks led to the killings of 16 people in the Manipur Village region.

Pintu Mahto’s Arrest and Trail

When Amit Lodha was a Superintendent of Police in Bihar, he was behind Ashok Mahto Gang. Amit Lodha spent a huge chunk of his time strategizing the arrest of the members of the Gang. Finally, in 2006, Amit managed to arrest Pintu in Satsang Colony, Deoghar in Jharkhand. Mahto was accused of many crimes and was sent to life-term imprisonment by the court. He is currently serving his life term sentence in the Tihar Jail in New Delhi.

Chandan Mahto Related FAQs

Who is playing the character of Chandan Mahto in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

Avinash Tiwari is portraying the character of Chandan Mahto who is one of the major antagonists of the series.

Who arrested real-life Chandan Mahto?

Amit Lodha arrested the real-life Chandan Mahto i.e. Pintu Mahto.

Was Pintu Mahto involved in the murder of Rajo Singh?

According to the reports, Pintu Mahto along with the Ashok Mahto gang was behind the murder of Congress MP Rajo Singh in 2005.

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